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Hello, I'm Kyung-duk, Seo, a visiting professor at Sungshin Women’s University and an honorary ambassador of MAKRI, which stands for Ministry of National Defense Agency for KIA (Killed in Action) Recovery and Identification.


Do you remember the heroes of the Korean War who bravely answered the call of duty and sacrificed their lives in defense of the nation?


Let me introduce the soldiers of the Ministry of National Defense Agency for KIA Recovery and Identification, or MARKI who are out on the fields in search of fallen heroes.



MAKRI was founded in 2007 by the Ministry of Defense to excavate the remains of Korean War veterans, in order to have the remains moved to Seoul National Cemetery, hallowed ground for the nation's citizens.

MAKRI has successfully recovered about 9,000 remains, and from among these remains, they have brought about 100 remains back to their families.



In this year, thanks to enthusiastic support from people, the agency obtained 70% more DNA samples compared to last year, and was able to find more families of deceased patriots.

In addition, MAKRI returned the remains of fallen U.S. soldiers who fought in the Korean War.


MARKI will continue to put their utmost efforts to make 124,000 fallen heroes yet to be accounted for, return to their nation.



Furthermore, we sincerely need your participations to bring more remains of the fallen heroes back to their families.


Please click on the links below, and watch the video clips. I would really appreciate if you spread this information and let other people know.

I sincerely wish for your health and happiness.


Thank you.



- Video clip Korean version :


- Video clip (English version) :




Monetary Reward will be offered for witnesses who provide information about the possible location of Korean War KIA remains.


It is simple and easy to participate in DNA collection

Relatives up to third cousins who wish to find KIA remains may participate in DNA Collection

For more information: 1577-5625




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