Looking for Students

Looking for Students

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English Education for Various Purposes

  • Offers courses (Intensive IELTS Preparation Courses) optimized to help the seekers of permanent residence status or citizenship of Canada meet the English (& French, in the foreseeable future) language proficiency requirements.  (both offline & online) 

  • Offers (IB, AP, SAT, GRE, GMAT, A-Level, IGCSE, etc.) courses optimized to help students, especially expatriates and repatriates, gain admittance to universities or other educational institutions in North America, Europe and Asia.  (both offline & online) 

  • Offers ESL courses optimized to help migrant students, especially newly expatriated students, quickly and effectively overcome language barriers.  (both offline & online) 

*Mentorenceum GmbH was established on March 1st, 2020 based on the relevant laws and regulations of Austria. Mentorenceum GmbH features:

  • Time-tested, accumulated know-how

  • Flexibility and compatibility of offline and online curricula

  • Global accessibility

Managing Director's CURRICULUM VITAE

Phone: +43-677-617-35030

E-mail: julianeverdr@gmail.com

Kakao ID: julianeverdr1



  • PhD The University of Vienna, English and American Studies -current-

  • MA The University of Vienna, English Language and Linguistics

TEACHING AND MENTORING EXPERIENCE__________________________________

  • Sungkyunkwhan Univ. (Instructor of English for Academic Purposes)

  • Korea Univ. (Instructor of Business English)

  • Mentor's Table Institute (TOEFL/SAT/SSAT/AP/IB(TOK/EE/Geography/Biology/Business Management) Teacher)

  • Topia Institute (TOEFL/SAT1/AP/TEPS/TOEIC/Debate) 민사 Team Head/Chief Instructor)

  • Sambo Institute (TOEFL/IELTS/SAT1/AP/IB DP(TOK/EE/Language & Literature /Geography/Biology/Business Management) Teacher)

  • Vienna Eton Institute Lecturer (English/Korean Language Teacher) A

  • Group Tutoring (TOEFL/IELTS/SAT1/NEW SAT Essay/ACT /ACT Essay /AP/IB DP(TOK/EE/ Language & Literature/Geography/Biology/Business Management/특례)

Mission Statement of the Managing Director of Mentorenceum GmbH

Axiom has it that every contemporary citizen should be encouraged to pursue his or her happiness without geographical or social restraints, given that everyone's happiness has become not only our common concern but also our ultimate goal today. Embarking on my career pursuit, I brought home to myself this timeless axiom, reminding myself of how important it is to make the best of my knowledge and how worthwhile it is to contribute to the group I belong to in my pursuit of profit. As the noble cause of helping my clients meet their academic needs and ultimately their pursuit of happiness by means of my expertise is one of the few things to which I am willing to dedicate my energy with great pleasure, I am determined to expand my business in Canada, which is one of the few remaining dream venues for happiness-seekers. This decision of mine will add momentum to my professional commitment that I firmly believe should go out of the boundary of my personal gains, ultimately benefiting the group I choose to belong to.

One of the biggest sources of happiness for entrepreneurs, I believe, is the realization of how their profit-seeking activities could make their clients happy and in turn contribute to increasing the number of people who find life worthwhile and humanity lovable. Emulating Noam Chomsky, who expanded his career as a social activist with his knowledge in linguistics, I would like to take my knowledge in linguistics and experience as a teacher to the Korean expats' community in Canada which I believe is at the forefront of constantly generating new intellects for the sake of the wellbeing of humanity and actively catering to the intellectual needs of happiness-seekers in their dream country. Given the time-tested expertise of Mentorenceum GmbH, I am confident that Mentorenceum GmbH could work as the best English education provider in Canada as well.

Wishing all the best to those who are and will be affiliated with Mentorenceum GmbH,

Managing Director of Mentorenceum GmbH

Julian Song


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월-금 : 9:30 ~ 17:30, 토/일/공휴일 휴무
런치타임 : 12:30 ~ 13:30

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